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Travelling Man
No Fun

Deloro are Jennifer Castle, David Clarke, Paul Mortimer, Tony Romano, and Dallas Wehrle. They hail from Downtown Toronto and their new record is titled simply Deloro.

An album of songs from as many writers and sung in as many voices as members, Deloro feels timeless. It is a collection of concise psychedelia with themes both light and dark. Jennifer Castle’s Travelling Man and Watertower explore themes of leaving and loss amid Motown styled garage stomp and AM guitar strum. Dave Clarke also finds inspiration in the AM dial with his bittersweet pop gem Joy Joy. Tony Romano narrates the cinematic psych of No Fun and later screams through a punk rock hall of mirrors in Take Me As I Am while Paul Mortimer closes side A with the country psych sunrise of Years and opens side B with Nostalgia R.I.P.. Produced over four seasons with Jeff McMurrich (Jennifer Castle, Constantines, Sandro Perri) Deloro is a stunning and mature debut from a new band full of familiar faces.